Epic Flow

This boulder sits under the old 49 bridge that crosses the South Yuba River. The long dimension is about 20′, so it could be compared to the size of an SUV. I awoke early on this morning, and went down to photograph the heavy late spring snowmelt flow. The water is swift, high, and cold. This is the time of year when the unwary have accidents, and this spot has claimed more than one life.

The boulder rests seemingly immutable, but sits in a place of chaos during high water. I have seen this boulder completely covered during the highest flows. During those times, I felt the rumble of large boulders being swept downstream. In summer I clambered among the boulders looking for evidence of the changes wrought by Winter’s onslaught.

The last few years have seen drought in the Sierra, and I have not heard of nor seen the water levels witnessed here.

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  1. Kathleen Hall

    These wonderful photographs may become historical records, if the drought continues~

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