Deep Dream Burning Man

Burning man images and Deep Dreams just seem to want to go together. I am fascinated by the idea that this software, through its training with 120 species of dogs and other limited data sets, interprets visual information based on what it knows. It is clear to me that this is a metaphor for what we know of the world as individuals and collectively; That our perspective is shaped by input, and based on what we see and experience, we see our own versions of dog faces everywhere. 

I am also intrigued by the idea that what is perceived when under the influence of psychedelics, has elements that feel similar to these images. Perhaps those chemicals remove the top level of perceptual filtration, showing us a cruder and less organized version of what we see every day.

These are some selections from the 2013 burn:
Deep Dreams Burning Man Gallery

Before and After

Below is one of the images with a slider so you can see what the Neural Net software does with the input of a mirrored-mask wearing burner:

Sacred Mirror deep dreams style. Original image captured at Burning Man 2013. ©2015 David Lovere

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